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My name is David Macklin, Founder & President of Glory Days 4 on 4 Inc. We are an organization that offers an up-tempo style of flag football tournaments focused on impacting communities through mentorship programs that emphasize accountability to youth. How do we stress accountability? Glad you asked! It’s not enough to just be an athlete! Our approach is more holistic as we monitor the development of each child who enters our youth leagues. Our strategic plan includes monitoring each child’s physical and academic development. All of our participants are supported in maintaining a standard of academic success to stay active within our leagues. If a child is struggling with their grades or behaviors, we help them get back on track with tutoring and mentor programs.

Our mission is to see young people succeed by providing comprehensive educational and recreational opportunities through sports-based initiatives. Our mission is to strengthen community relationships, enhance educational outcomes, and promote healthy lifestyles while instilling the values of teamwork, discipline, and self-awareness in youth.”

 We need your support this season as we kick off more tournaments and youth leagues! All levels of sponsorship support our overall mission and vision to be a driving force for positive change in communities nationwide. We aspire to create an inclusive environment where families come together to participate in sports activities, fostering social, physical, and emotional well-being. Through our mentorship and support programs, we aim to empower young athletes to excel academically, develop valuable life skills, and become responsible, contributing members of society.”

 Our tournaments have hosted between 80 to 150 teams. With your support, we can expand our vision by operating youth leagues where no child is turned away. Your support benefits each child by covering enrollment, tutoring, or mentorship costs. Please consider Glory Days as we take a more detailed approach involving professional athletes and vetted volunteers who understand the road traveled to give each child a chance to succeed in life and sports.

Current Sponsors

Our Goals

Our goal is to engage with all athletes and communities through a first-class fun filled experience! Not only do our participants get the opportunity to gain bragging rights and win prizes, but their play will help us tremendously impact the host city. We urge potential local, regional, national, and international sponsors to be a part of this experience.

Glory Days 4 on 4 Tournaments are national events. We aim to provide an exciting 2 to 3 days of competitive flag football while impacting a charitable organization in the play demographic. Creating a better world through competitive sports is our passion. 

Glory Days Youth Flag Football Leagues provide opportunities to present our initiatives to the local community. We are accepting sponsors and partners to enhance our overall vision. We believe no child should be left behind as we mentor, tutor, and encourage them to stay active throughout the year. We stress accountability to each student-athlete who enters into our leagues. Our database monitors the development of each child who enrolls in our programs. All of our participants must maintain a standard of academic success to stay eligible for play. If a child is struggling with their grades or behavior, we strategize a way for them to get back on course through our tutor and mentor programs. Our goal is to set ourselves apart by thoroughly monitoring our participants’ physical, emotional, and mental development.


Our tournament entries include athletes from ages 8 to adults; those 18 & under require parental or guardian consent. Glory Days 4 on 4 events will highlight our partners and sponsors to give them visibility to our athletes, their families, and surrounding communities. This advertisement showcases the impact of our sponsors and partners! One of our goals is to provide sponsor and partner exposure to over 10,000 spectators, 500 parents, and 5,000 community members.  Glory Days 4 on 4 Inc. also sponsors a 2-hour social in tournament host cities roughly a month before the tournament. This Meet and Greet provides opportunities to network with local business leaders, city officials, and potential volunteers. The Meet and Greet Events also provide potential partners and sponsors a better understanding of our mission.

Sponsorship Packages

Glory Days 4 On 4 Inc. is a registered 501(C)3 as any monetary gift is a write off, tax ID will be given upon receive of sponsorship, checks can be made payable to Glory Days 4 on 4 Inc. 

Thank Your For Your Support!

Contributions may be tax deductible as provided by law.